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Susan Bilynskyj Dunning

Roman History Exam Review Timeline of Roman History 752 BCLatins move into RomeClimate is relatively same throughoutIncredibly fertile especially in the middle where Rome is and a bit up northSustains high population density due to MountainsVolcanic ash made the soil rich in materialsOnly small trading boats would be able to come onto Rome Nullifies big Navy Ships to attack themGrew by the River TiberHigher elevated ground 753 BCRomulus is considered the founder of Rome First KingRape of the Sabine WomenKings elected and worked with the senate o Numa PompiliusIntroduced January and February Calendar Reforms o Tullus HostiliusDefeated Alba LongaConstruction of the original senate house Curia Hostilia o Ancus Marcius o Lucius Tarquinius PriscusIncreased number of the senate by 100 o Servius Tullius Laid groundwork of Roman RepublicServian WallRomes first true coinageFormed Comitia Centuriata development of censusRomes voting population divided into classesRoman Expansion and Tribal divisions o Lucius Tarquinius SuperbusRape of LucretiaKilled by Brutus and Collatinus 509 BCFounding of the Roman RepublicFound by Lucius Junius Brutus and CollatinusNo sole ruler Only in dire need Dictators ex Cincinnatus and CaesarCouncil of Plebs Plebeians could pass laws elect magistrates etc471 BCComitia Tributa democratic assembly of Roman citizens400 BC to 370 BC wars against Veii Gauls and neighboring Latin cities
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