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Lisa Trentin

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th Lycurgus (7 Century BC) - Legendary or Historical? (Based on Plutarch’s Life of Lycurgus) - Creator of the constitution of Sparta (A lawgiver) - Established Military-oriented reformation - Equality, Military fitness and austerity Herodotus (5 Century BC) - One of the oldest Greek Historians - Father of History - Famous work is The Histories about Greco-Persian Wars - Known for his power character sketches, comedy/pathos, vivid description and simplicity th Aeschylus (6 Century BC) - One of the first Greek Playwrights - Father of Tragedy - Only 7 of 70-90 plays survived. Famous for ‘The Persians’ (Wars specifically Salamis) - Known for magnitude of problems which he presents with visual imagery which made their significance penetrate beyond the mind into most profound emotions Thucydides (5 Century BC) - Greek historian and Athenian General - Father of scientific history - Recounts the history of the Peloponnesian War - Shows interest in human nature to explain behavior in crises’ such as plagues and massacres th Darius (6 Century BC) - King of the Persians - It was the first Persian invasion of Greece - Wanted to punish Athens and Eretria for their aid in Ionian Revolt - Sent ambassadors across Greece for earth and water (Athens and Sparta rejected) - Heavily attacked Eretria Xerxes (6 Century BC) - King of the Persians - Second Persian invasion of Greece - Battle of Thermopylae (Victory) - Battle of Salamis (Defeat) th Cleisthenes (6 Century BC) - Initiator of democracy in Athens - Father of Athenian Democracy - divided citizens into 10 tribes based on region - Created an assembly, 1 man 1 vote - Council of 500 (From each tribe) - Introduced Ostracism (vote to kick) - Expanded law courts – jurors became paid th Pericles (5 Century BC) - Influential Athenian statesman, orator and general
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