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Communication, Culture and Technology
Rhonda Mc Ewen

CCITLECTURESLecture 1 Themes technology and power are coconstituted media expertisepower context surrounding a technology mattersAlways 2 main questions in this course o1 Why is it happening now o2 What are the broader consequences for economics politics and societyoEg radio series at certain time of day helped bond people also affected when ads were placed when tvs first came out people all gathered to the home of the person who had a tv since it was new there were few had to shareTechnology defines characteristics of our capacities individuals and their social relations are linked to forms of communicationoEg people dont know how to readwrite in handwriting now since schools teach keyboardingtypingoPeople have difficulties for deep reading reading a book long text since people used to shorter things such as the things on the internetoWe text more than call now so when we get a call its shockingoTechnologies afford provide opportunities and constraints of interaction to usClicktivismactivation by clicking of a button eg retweet likeing Kony 2012Talking drums of west Africa used to record preserve share histories and culture to communicate messages across distances during special occasions to tell stories to bring people together and to settle disputes among membersoRedundancy repeating the same message over and over again eg who message is addressed tooTrade off redundancy ensures person got message but wastes sound waves on repetition when it could have been conveying the actual message or for Kony 2012 we used 20 mins to watch videoOral culture without writing print or electronic media is biased towards senses such as seeing hearing knowing eg if main communication is drumming auditory sense enhanced other oens reducedAll communication mediatechnologies are extension of what is innate modern technology is only the latest form of ancient human technology that include speech gesture drama social ritualCommunication seeks variety so new media is favoured over accustomed ordersAfter 2000BCE scribes were employed by central administration literacy seen as steppingstone to prosperity and social rankoused to have to be elite to have luxury to read instead of work in industrial factory socialeconomic affects those working made things that those reading dont make eg products of manual labourofirst published text was the bibleKey datessto2900 BCE Egypt 1 standardized written languageo1455 CEGermany printing pressUsed for mass productiono1821Englandelectric telegraph and microphoneo1835 USA Morse Codeo1876 USACanada Bell patent for an apparatus for transmistting vocal or other sounds telegraphicallyo1899 Denmark magnetic storage mediumo1879 England first motion pictureo1902 France Marconi first transmits transatlantic radio signalo1944USA Mark 1 Computero1962 USUKFRANCE Telstar communication satellite in space transatlantic signal due to cold war wanted to spy on enemieso1969 USA ARPANETo1971 USA intelpatent single chip microprocessorsto1979 Japan NTT 1 mobile phone networko1980 US sony walkmansto1993 Finland 1 person to text messageo1994 www 1995 classmatescom 1998 googleDefinitions oMedium object in the middleoSymbolscontextdependent encapsulated knowledge eg emoticons heart brand names logos colours used to further understandingoTechnological determinism theory that presumes that a societys technology drives the development of its social structure and cultural valuesIdea that tech causes things however may be other factors involvedEg people say twitterfacebook caused revolution or causes divorce or us to become antisocial but everyone has agency and free willEg rise of napsterdecline of musicdecline of self creationdecline of economyoHowever guns dont kill people people kill peopleoCoconstitution theory that purports that things eg technologies and people compose each other cocreation eg we change technology and are changed by it we transform tech to act on our behalf to make them act how we wantEg listeners receive clearer sounds from a CD and increasingly demand higher quality sound systemsEg people see others making videos on youtube then make their own then others watch their videos and make videos etcoUbiquity existing or being everywhere at the same timeoRedundancy exceeding what is necessarynormal eg ad repetitiono Ontology way we decide how what worksoStandardized allowed to be transferred to other areas eg diff languages being translatedNew technology advances accelerating due to globalization businesses competition online shopping causes postal service to decreaseLecture 2Themes technology design requires knowledge about the human machine communication is not equal to speech technology is rooted in cultureIn reading New mediaartifacts activities arrangementWe talk so much eg facebook updates about useless things this is because other creatures may stop interacting with a social creature if it doesnt disclose info animals do this with smells and movement humans do this with language
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