CCT208H5 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Western Philosophy, Antipositivism, Statistical Hypothesis Testing

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Research is all about the process we go through to claim that we know something about the world. Positivism(is exposure to mobile technology addictive in teens) Gather data, use it to test hypotheses. Obejectivity and values: with the same data, different people regardless of their values, will come to the same conclusions. Interpretivism(how do teen feel about their mobile use) Social research ought to focus on meaning. The critical approach (how can teens use mobiles in social movements that challenge the status quo) All research should be directed to decreasing inequality and oppression. Quantitative research is associated with deduction while qualitative research is associated with induction. Often used in conjunction with other more interactive methods. Almost anything that has been created or modified by people can be a source if data. We can learn about people who created a document: analyzing what they chose to represent. Media researchers often use the concept of frames to conduct their analysis.