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University of Toronto Mississauga
Communication, Culture and Technology
Nathan Rambukkana

Hassan 1 Azfar Hassan Professor Nathaniel Rambukkana CCT 208 st 21 May 2013 The Proposal My intention is to write about how the Internet alters our ability to focus during reading. Majority of the people in our society especially students spend an immense amount of time on the Internet. I found that the time we spend on the Internet is gradually affecting our attention span while reading. The constant surfing and browsing on the Internet is affecting our cognition. This topic is one that encompasses not only communication theories but also deals with the psychology of how our brain processes information through reading. I intend to approach this essay from a more research based body rather than obtaining biased information from sources that pertain to the psychological and biological affects that the Internet withholds. I also intend on examining the communicative approach to determine the methods that people of today’s technological society use in order to read effectively. I have heavily based my arguments with two resources, the one titled “Is Google making us stupid” written by Nicholas Carr and the second is called “Internet Effects on the Individual and Social Change” written by Monica Murero. I have chosen to highlight two sources within my proposal simply because these articles provide a straightforward approach to the research I intend to gather, while providing a good overview of the information I will use to create this paper. Hassan 2 Annotated Bibliography Carr, Nicholas. "Is Google Making Us Stupid." Atlantic. 01 July 2008: Web. 20 May. 2013.This article emphasizes on the fact that the constant searching and surfing on the Internet has an effect on concentration while reading. The author contributes a few examples of other literary writers who have difficulties concentrating while reading. It is mentioned that the frequent Internet users have adapted the habit of skimming through texts. Carr also provides some researches made regarding how Internet use affects cognition. The article mentions how people tend to “power Browse” through contents, tiles, abstracts and chapters trying to avoid reading in the traditional sense. This article directly addresses my research question and provides various examples that will be very helpful to support my argument. Commodari, Elena, and Maria Guarnera. "Attention and Reading Skills." Perceptual and motor skills 100.2 (2005): 375,375-386. Print. This article touches the basics of the essentials of reading coherently and being able to maintain focus when reading. The information that I may extract from this article would be about one’s ability to utilize their cognitive and motor skills to assist themselves with the losses that the Internet has caused to their reading skills. Ko, Eunjo, and Yeung Bong Park. "Determinants of Internet Advertising Effects: Advertisement Types and Clothing Involvement." Irish Marketing Review 15.2 (2002): 51,51- 58. ABI/INFORM Global. Print. Advertising is a large component in the distraction while reading material from the Internet as Ko and Yeung discuss within their article. Part of my argument will include how the internet reconciles one’s ability to focus solely Hassan 3 on a reading item but rather how their eyes shift from the core material to advertisements, this article provides me with the information to expand further upon that thought. Mazalin, Dennis, and Britt Klein. "Social Anxiety and the Internet: Positive and Negative Effects." E-Journal of Applied Psychology 4.2 (2008): 43,43-50. Web. May 19 2013.Mazalin and Britt’s article will be useful to attain information specific to the problem of social anxiety. Mazalin and Britt centralize their view points on the internet using an unbiased opinion and collected plenty of d
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