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Communication, Culture and Technology
Nathan Rambukkana

CCT 208 May 21 2013 GROUP MEMBERS- (1) AZFAR HASSAN (997610321) (2)SAAD INAM (998279367) I. Opening A. (Establish Rapport) [shake hands] My name is ______________ and as a member of the Rogers Customer Realtions, we thought it would be a good idea to interview you being the owner of a ______________________.(eg . music Industry) B. (Purpose) I would like to ask you some questions about your computer habits and internet usage and some experiences you have had with internet piracy, also share some input with the effects of piracy to your company. C. (Motivation) I hope to use this information to help the listeners become more aware of the piracy that i going on in our daily lives. We experience more than 1000 of people downloading movies tv shows and songs illegally causing the industry billions of dollars. D. (Time Line) The interview should take about 10 minutes. Are you available to respond to some questions at this time? (Transition: Let me begin by asking you some questions about where you live and your family) II Body A. (Topic) General information 1. How long have you worked at this company?? (Question 1. did not have to be asked because this information is on the Bio-Sheet) a. Working at your company, how often do you use computers or internet enabled technologies per day? (Note down in terms of Hours per day) 2. Wou
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