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University of Toronto Mississauga
Communication, Culture and Technology
Elizabeth Peden

CCT210H5 Exam Review Lecture 9 Computer and Internet Semiotics Question: Can things in the virtual world take a different meaning? P ART I: NTRODUCTION  Online versus Offline I. Online - When online, users have the ability to hide or alter certain features about themselves. II. Pictures posted on social media outlets (example Facebook, Twitter) maybe altered to reflect a more desirable lifestyle. III. Dating sites - false credentials are provided to seem more desirable. P ART I: CONNOTATION /D ENOTATION OF C OMPUTERS AND INTERNET  Computers on a denotative level are simply machines for searching and programming information.  Meanwhile computers on a connotative level, we as humans have become extremely reliant on these machines.  Therefore computers have acquired a connotative use through its extensive use.  Computers is no longer a machine that solely computes data - It plays music and video, displays text, make calls, receive emails among other things  The internet plays a intrinsic part in our lives. It has acquired connotative signification that exceeds what they were supposed to mean. I. It is now a social/communication network. II. Has exceeded the denotative quality, it is connotative now.  The internet has become a medium for advertising – adds are also becoming interactive o People buy products directly through advertisements on the internet Convergence and Constant Exposure to Cyberspace  Definitions: I. Disembodiment - The feeling of being away from one's body. In this context it is referring to when one is immersed in technology/computers. II. Cartesian Dualism - Defended by Rene Descartes ("I think therefore I am)" is the idea that man is composed of two contrasting components: mind and matter. III. Matter - Everything that can walk, talk and perform actions. Anything physical IV. Mind - Everything else (the soul) that can think individually. 1 V. Reimbodiment: Relates to the concept of retribalization – people feel comfortable in a tribe, there is protection and emotional support from others. People want to be part of a community where a sense of ‘belonging’ can foster. The internet is similar in a sense it allows people to discourse and helps bring people together. Virtual communities such as facebook, tech forums, dating web sites, online video games among others are examples of how the internet enables communities to foster.  Cartesian Dualism I. The idea that man is composed of the mind and matter II. Animals aside from man are strictly physical beings without a "
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