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Communication, Culture and Technology

CCT210H5 Fall 2010 - MID-TERM EXAM STUDY GUIDE Part I: Short Definitions (4 x 5% = 20%) You will identify four terms that you will choose from a list of five. Be sure to use complete sentences and support your answer with examples wherever possible. Neomania: is the need to always posses the latest and newest things. For example, pop music has a short lifespan as it aims to sell the latest and newest songs to its audience. POP CULTURE Juvenilization: is the idea of being forever young. This is prominent in Hollywood as celebrities are getting plastic surgery in order to appear younger. In addition, many ads target this in order to sell products (such as anti-wrinkle cream or coca cola forever young theme). This notion is very current in POP CULTURE as the media pushes for youth unachievable lifestyle (cougar town). The search for youth in the job market is prominent as to bring in fresh new ideas. Reification: is the blurring between reality and myth. In Hollywood the lifestyles of many celebrities are meant to seem normal, however, it is often a constructed myth on the glamorous lifestyle of celebrities. Floating signifier: is a signifier that changes with time depending on historical and its social historical context. Based on the film viewed during tutorial, race is a floating signifier Im Just a Girl: is the idea that girls are stereotyped in the media as being week, innocent and pretty. It is a stereotypical judgement of how girls should behave. A music video by Gwen Stefani questions the character that girls are stereotyped under. She plays on this theme by reinforcing it in the way she sells her music meanwhile making an ironic and over the top. Mediagenics: is attractive and appealing value given to the media. News glamorizes how we say things. However, they use stock images or footage as they do not have time to photograph everything and it is cheaper. Going to stock images has the same effect for reporters as the actual image. One example is footage of a traffic report; reporters use the same footage of traffic repeatedly. Modality: This questions how information is presented to humans (appealing to the different senses: visual, oral, auditory, tasting etc). Auditory modality is reinforced in the music we listen to. Modality is the reality status accorded to or claimed by a sign, text or genre. In making sense of a text, we make modality judgments, based on our knowledge of the world and of the medium. The media which are typically judged to be the most realistic are photographic - especially film and television. Narrative: are text made up of composite signifiers. These are put together in terms of a specific code e.g. the superman code. Supermans story uses a codes used to generate story , narrative made up of superman code, narrative are text , think of a police sketch witness crime, make sketch of suspect look feature, nose , skin color, different signifiers. Based on that sketch composite based on signifiers the witness gives Text made of composite signifier with different features, something someone tell you, read in paper, or even in novel, actual story called a text, Text is a weaving together of signifiers according to the codes, text comes together. Know he will see villain, flirt Lois lane, crisis and at the end victorious, also direct or indirect reference to other text (intertextuality) see in movies and TV. the new testament and bible reference old testament meaning of text conditioned by the context , story of batman Christian bale, Ben stiller, context of it
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