2010 Exam Question 4

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Communication, Culture and Technology
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Sarah Richardson

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Although many companies strive for quality it is not always simple Companies must strive for maximum internal and external customer satisfaction Companies must engage in continuous improvement constantly trying to improve the way things are done so the customer is better satisfied Thus as we can see the driving force is customer satisfaction Some influences in the environment may prevent you from achieving TQM from the marketing of an IT product or service In order to prevent this from occurring companies must engage in the following activities and strategies used by Motorola to promote their Atrix model y Create constancy of purpose toward improvement of the product and service so as to stay competitive stay in business and provide jobs o Motorola effectively pursued this by changing the 10 to better fit the needs of customers thereby creating the 20 model which improved the phone in many qualities y Adopt the new philosophy We are in the new economic age We no longer need to live with commonly accepted levels of delay mistake defection material and defective workmanship o Motorola took into account the customer feedback that they received about
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