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Communication, Culture and Technology
Tim Richardson

Question 1 (3 Marks) In the context of the unit, on benefits and limitation of ebiz,. What is a fundamental difference between the technical limitation and the non-technical limitations? Which of these were challenging to you for the company you studied for your marketing plan? One of the big differences between technical and non-technical limitations is that technical limitations can be solved (most of the time) by spending enough money - whereas non-technical limitations are things that are more difficult to change since they involve things that cannot be changed easily - like peoples attitude, lack or trust, resistance to change, faceless transactions, etc. Concerning BioID, challenges were faced with respect to both technical and non-technical limitations. The BioID solution entailed uprooting standard identification systems; governments, financial institutions, and commercial operators would be required to drop whatever CRM systems they had in place (Oracle, SSM, Microsoft, SAS, etc.) and adopt the BioID terminal and RFID receiver. This issue of interoperability and standardization would likely be the biggest technical challenge faced by BioID. With respect to non-technical limitations, ou
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