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Question 1 (3 Marks)
In the context of the unit, on benefits and limitation of ebiz,. What is a fundamental difference
between the technical limitation and the non-technical limitations? Which of these were challenging
to you for the company you studied for your marketing plan?
One of the big differences between technical and non-technical limitations is that technical limitations can
be solved (most of the time) by spending enough money - whereas non-technical limitations are things
that are more difficult to change since they involve things that cannot be changed easily - like people's
attitude, lack or trust, resistance to change, faceless transactions, etc.
Concerning BioID, challenges were faced with respect to both technical and non-technical limitations.
The BioID solution entailed uprooting standard identification systems; governm ents, financial institutions,
and commercial operators would be required to drop whatever CRM systems they had in place (Oracle,
SSM, Microsoft, SAS, etc.) and adopt the BioID terminal and RFID receiver. This issue of
interoperability and standardization would likely be the biggest technical challenge faced by BioID.
With respect to non-technical limit ations, our product proposes that all user informati on be stored at
central databases. Everyt hing from financial, to residential infor mation as well as miscellaneous personal
infor mation such as shopping preferences, buying habits, etc would have to be stored in a database which
BioID and possibly related affiliates woul d have access to. This poses the challenge of convincing
customers that their infor mation will be safe.
Question 2 (5 Marks)
What are some of the benefits of e-business which would apply most appropriately to the company
you studied for your marketing plan project for this course?
Some of the benefits of e-business that BioID could capitalize on are increased sales and profit;
Decreased expenses, International market expansion and improved customer service.
Question 3A (6 Marks)
If you have a web site and are selling a product or service on the internet there are at least 18 things
you have to be convincing about. Points 10-13 deal with corporate citizenship. Name and describe a
couple of those points and explain how you worked them into the marketing plan.
Corporate Citizenship: environmental considerations
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