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issues for e-commerce and internet
marketing students
Search engine = Places to find specific info. Web site designed to help you find
information on the Internet by searching a database of Web pages for "keywords" that
describe what you're looking for.
oGenerally free, uses ads.
oEach search engine is different. Builds index of web pages differently,
catalogs dif pieces of info about each page, different user interface for
SEO = set of best practices (both marketing and technical) that aim to improve the natural
or organic search engine rankings of a given website.
Directories/ Index Sites = Places to find general info. Designed by people.
Basic Issues:
oHave to be aware of right key words to find what you’re looking for
oSE’s are always growing/ changing
oSE’s differ based on:
how they index various content
how effective their spiders are working
the degree to which humans are involved in vetting content
the range and extent of sites they cover
Robots/Spiders = downloads index pages from the web
Why Google is better than Yahoo, etc.
oFocused on building better search engine instead of portal offerings (gossip
links, stock tips, etc) getting it ahead of competitors with its sophisticated
Things Google can do:
oLook up car VIN #s and connect you to vehicle history report.
oFlight tracking
oUPC # for more specific product info.
oTelephone area codes
oRead books
oAdditional Features
oVideos (on Google AND Google owns YouTube)
Political Regulatory Environment - Canadian government is worried about the thousands
of people who take small video clips of stuff and put it in YouTube (ie. Copyright
infringement on Canadian media).
Self Googling – Searching gor your own name.
Personalization/ Privacy Concerns (EX. Personalized Ads, Google Streetview, etc.)
find more resources at
find more resources at
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oSocial networking sites and advances in mobile technology are giving advertisers
an unprecedented ability to focus their pitch to a very specific focus group: you.
People become a little nervous if they think you know too much information
about them.
oCould violate [Canadian] federal privacy laws designed to protect citizens from
having their personal information easily accessible. The street-view application
"does not appear to meet the basic requirements of knowledge, consent, and
limited collection and use
5 Tips for using Google:
1. Google always searches for all the words you type in. You don't need to use a
+ sign or "AND" in your queries
2. Google supports searching for phrases in quotation marks. EX. "Prof Tim
Richardson" rather than Prof Tim Richardson finds every page that had the
phrase "Prof Tim Richardson" rather than the individual words "Prof" "Tim"
and "Richardson".
3. Google supports the Boolean "OR" operator. For example, to find sites that
relate to Denis Hayes OR Earth Day 2000, enter "Denis Hayes" OR "Earth
Day 2000"
4. Google allows you to EXCLUDE terms from your Web searches by
preceding them with a minus sign ("-"). This can be extremely helpful as you
attempt to focus your searches. EX. to find pages that discuss Senator Slade
Gorton but not Gorton's Fish Sticks, try searching for Gorton -fish
5. Google's database stores cached copies of many pages, allowing you view
them even if the original site is down. This is extremely useful for finding
older information.
Why would search engines allow you to submit your website for free? So that they
can increase the size of their holdings, better search results, higher popularity, can charge
more for ads.
Is it important to have a huge list of sites? Yes, persuade users that info they’re looking
for is in your database because you have a lot of indexed web sites. Can’t give search
results that don’t exist in the database. Strength of a large search engine database is that it
can find Web pages on less popular subjects, unusual products, distinctive keywords,
smaller companies, small towns, and many other types of questions."
So if people go to your search engine a lot, is that good? Yes, lots of vistors/ traffic
means you can convince advertisers it would be worthwhile to buy ad space.
Improving your ranking in a Search Engine comes under the heading of
4P’s>Promotion>Publicity (and paid advertising if you also use "paid submission") - there are three
other things you should continue doing to promote your company.
In 2013, with GPS technology increasingly incorporated into Smartphones and other mobile
devices, Search Engine results are increasingly "locally oriented" which means ranking high in a
Search Engine (keeping in mind where the potential customer is standing using their blackberry) is
also a function of the "P" for "Place" - so this means your SEO success (and ability to convert to a
click through) is not just your page rank, but also from "where" the customer is doing their search.
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find more resources at
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4 Reasons Why You Needs to Understand
1. We understand ppl look for info using search engine, now typing in URL.
2. Web contenant created faster than SE’s can index it. Therefore more difficult to
find unconnect pages. If you don’t rank well, won’t be found.
3. Ppl are impatient/ discouraged when see a million returns on word they searched.
Will only click on first 2-3 pages, so you need to be there.
4. B2B/ B2C research before buying, you need to be accessible for them to research.
SEO goes local. Ex. Not highest ranked flooring company in the world but highest ranked
within 30 min drive. Also narrows down results.
How to get inbound links:
oPartner sites
oMentioned in press
oCreate amazing content that ppl want to link to
oGet same content shared on social channels
GARMIN Search Engine Optimization
-Places product higher in SE ranking results
-Provides credibility through higher ranking, more traffic, and gaining market share with
each potential customer.
-Garmin could improve on:
oMeta Descriptions
oExternal Links
oThrough Google Analytics.
-Hiring a SEO company such as Powered by Search can help further optimize the
webpage for long-term success and identify any techniques that aren’t working.
-Meta Descriptions
oGarmin currently does not appear on first page of search results
oGives company opportunity to advertise content to consumers/searchers and
informs if pages contains what they’re searching for.
oImportant in gaining user click throughs
oShould use both primary and secondary keywords (EX. Fitness band and Vivofit
2 tracker)
-External links
oHas become one of most important aspects of obtaining higher SE ranking
(hardest to manipulate, therefore best way to measure page popularity and overall
brand awareness/ presence).
oHow to?
Partnering with local and international “tech bloggers” (EX. Offer
products in exchange for reviews and links to products webpage, improves
both product and blogger ranking. Credible testimony and strengthens
brands online presence)
Sponsoring sporting events (EX. Pan-Am games, request hosts link to
Garmin’s product page). Requires extensive offline networking. Could
result in international exposure.
find more resources at
find more resources at
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