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CCT333H5 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Ipod Shuffle, User Story, Wikispaces

Communication, Culture and Technology
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Michael Jones
Study Guide

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Example MC
1. Conceptual scenarios can be created to:
a. understand the user stories with more physical details
b. explore potential problems arising from technical requirements
c. investigate interface functions between people and technologies
d. generate design ideas including overall requirements
e. all of the above
Example fill-in-box
We have discussed many possible analytical frameworks to look at technology and our
interactions with them.
a) Below, pick one technology, briefly describe its basic purpose and features and
write a conceptual scenario of its use. (As with the first technology design
analysis assignment, specific technologies (e.g., the second-generation iPod
Shuffle) work better than general categories (e.g., “MP3 player”). Technologies
you have used first-hand will work better than those you’ve never experienced.)
(8 pts.)
Scenario (this should be in complete sentences, but short.):
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