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University of Toronto Mississauga
Communication, Culture and Technology
Sarah Richardson

MGD 415 Test Review PDOC Planning o Develop mission statement, and what company has to do to achieve their goals, developing GOPST (goals, objectives, plans, strategies, tactics), knowing how to match resources to do things you need Directing o Training, evaluating, firing, influencing peoples behaviour through motivation, bossing people around Organizing o Identifying and establishing jobs, positions, and chain of command Controlling o Check to see if things are done right, If not, give commands to control things and taking corrective or pre-emptive actions Mission Statements An organizations basic purpose of being o One of the first actions an organisation does Vision statement vs. mission statement o Vision statement pushes the association toward some future goal or achievement o Mission statement guides current, critical strategic decision making Orients the company and supplies guidelines for upper management when facing difficult problems Mission statements can change and adapted as marketing situation arise o Ex. Hondas switch from selling motorcycles to cars Benefits: direction (what organization does), focus (companys strengths and competitive advantages), policy, meaning (what company strives to achieve), challenge (setting up goals and measurements of achievement), and passion (making everyone involved with the organization) Mission statement vs. mantra o Mission statement is a publicly oriented statement of what the corporation wants to accomplish o Mantra is a motivational oriented expression that can serve as an identifying slogan to assist accomplishing branding objectives Mission statement vs. goal o Mission statement worded in a way that it can be used in advertising and public relations Ex. Goal - to be the largest forest products company in Canada Ex. Mstatement - contributing to our environment, through responsible harvesting GOPST (Goals, objectives, plans, strategies, tactics) Goal o Ultimate thing you wish to achieve o Statements that a company uses to motivate employees and statements used to judge and measure challenges that you face o Supposed to be what you end up with o Ex. to be the largest online cosmetics retail site on the planet Objectives o Measurable tasks that have to be done in order to achieve your goal o Objectives that have time elements make it easier to make plans o Time elements and quantifiable amounts mean the objective can be measured Plans
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