Midterm 1 Notes - Lectures 1 to 5

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Computer Science
Ivan Chow

CSC343 - Intro To Databases! - Projection (Π) : Filter by column SELECT A,B FROM R )" - Selection (σ) : Filter rows according to equalitySELECT * FROM R WHERE A=3 ) " - Renaming (ρ) : Rename columns (SELECT * FROM R [AS] S) or (SELECT A [AS] B FR"M R) - Cartesian Product (R × S) : All possible combinations ( SELECT L FROM R,S )" - Union ( R ∪ S) : R, S needs to have the same columns" - Intersection (R ∩ S): R, S needs to have the same columns" - Difference (R − S): R, S needs to have the same columns" - Assignment R(A1,..,An) := S" - Natural Join (R⋈ S) : Needs to have at least one common column.( SELECT L FROM R NATURAL JOIN S )" - Theta Join (R ⋈ S) : Cartesian join, rows filtered by condition C. (SELECT L FROM R JOIN S ON C )" C - Set model vs Bags (Bags has duplicates, Sets don’t)" - Duplicate Elimination δ(R) : Removes duplicate rows ( SELECT DISTINCT A FROM R )" - Sorting (τa,b: Sorts by attributes by a, then b. “-“ makes descending. SELECT L FROM R ORDER BY A [ASC | DE)"] - Extended Projection Π a,b+→ x,→y(R) (SELECT A, B+C AS X, D AS Y FROM R )" - Outer Join ( R ⋈ [L | R]) - Dangling tuples are included with null(⊥). Left, and Right outer join includes dangling tuples from R, and S.) (SELECT L FROM R NATURAL [FULL | LEFT | RIGHT] OUTER JOIN S )" - Grouping γ (L) - Operators - SUM, AVG, MIN, MAX, COUNT. eg. γ a,AVG(b))" - Pattern Matching: ( SELECT * FROM R WHERE A [NOT] LIKE ‘hello’ ) Also, ‘_ello’ ‘%lo’ (single, multi char)" - Boolean Algebra: ( SELECT * FROM R WHERE A < 2 OR A >= 3 )" - Subquery (FROM) - SELECT * FROM flights NATURAL JOIN (SELECT aid, cap FROM planes WHERE cap > 100) AS R. - If a subquery is guaranteed to return 1 row and 1 col. Then subquery can be in WHERE x = (SUBQ) ;" - If S returns non-empty it’s trueSELECT L FROM R WHERE [NOT] EXISTS (SUBQ); - SELECT L FROM R WHERE E [NOT] IN (S); TRUE if and only if E is equal to one of the tuples returned by S. - SELECT L FROM R WHERE E [NOT] ANY (S) TRUE iff ∃▯∈▯ st ▯ ▯." - SELECT L FROM R WHERE E [NOT] ALL (S); TRUE iff ∀▯∈▯ st ▯ ▯." - Grouping ( SELECT L FROM R WHERE C1 GROUP BY A [HAVING C2]; ) " • WHERE -> GROUP BY -> HAVING. WHERE remove rows before grouping, HAVING remove groups after grouping." • Use DISTINCT to ignore duplicates eg. COUNT(DISTINCT A)." - InsertionINSERT INTO R(A ,1..,A ) nALUES (v ,…,1 ); On INSERT INTO R(A, B) (SELECT D
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