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ECO352H5 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Job Services Australia, Income Segregation

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Nicholas Li
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Neighbourhood and Peer Effects
Indiv who are employed influence their unemployed friends find jobs just like young
smokers influence their peers
Possibility that positive social interactions may be more likely to happen in
neighbourhoods than in others
Programs that target particular communities have potential to benefit large # of ppl more
Low income areas = impoverished adults, social isolation, exclusion from job network
system, children interaction w/ unemployed parents and discouraged teachers
redevelopment, relocation, subsidizing job and business creation within communities
help reverse trends
Canadian cities experience neighbourhood segregation by income and ethnicity
Neighbourhood Effects: social interaction occur in close proximity to an indiv’s residence and
affect social and economic well being
Low income segregation and violent crime
Social interaction influence career and school success
Concentrated Poverty in Canada and In the US
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