Week 13 Part2

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Week 13: Lecture Slides: #31: Strategic Importance of Technology in HRM #32: Strategic Importance of Technology in HRM #33: The Impact of Technology on the Role of HR #35: Human Resources Information System (HRIS) #39: Selecting and Implementing an HRIS #40: Selecting and Implementing an HRIS Textbook: The Strategic Importance of Technology in HRM HR technology is any technology that is used to attract hire, retain and maintain talent, support workforce administration, and optimize workforce management. This technology can be resident in different types of human resource information systems (HRIS), can be used by various stakeholders, such as managers, employees, and HRM, and can be accessed in different ways, such as via the company intranet. Impact on technology has enabled HR to decrease its involvement in transactional (administrative) activities and to increase its focus on how to improve its delivery of strategic services. Chanoe iDecreased transactional activities o Increased clientcustomer focus o Increased delivery of strategic services Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) HRIS can be defined as integrated systems used to gather, store, and analyze information regarding and organizations human resources. (Increases efficiency and effectiveness of the workforce) Key Functions of an HRIS: More information on Page.62-63
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