Week 17

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Reid/ Curran

Week 17: Lecture Slides: #6: Purpose of Orientation Programs #9: Problems with Orientation Programs #12: The Training Process #13: Step 1 Training needs Analysis #14: Training Needs Analysis #16: Step 2 Instructional Design #17: Traditional Training Techniques #19: Step 3 Validation #20: Step 4 - Implementation #21: Step 5 Evaluation of Training Textbook: Purpose of Orientation Programs Employment orientation (onboarding) is a procedure for providing new employees with basic background information about the firm and the job. The essence of the orientation program is to introduce people to the culture, give them a common bond, teach the importance of teamwork in the workplace, and provide the tools and information to be successful at the Law Society. o Purpose of Orientation Programs: Improve job performance Reduce nervousness and reality shocks Foundation for ongoing performance management Improved productivity Improved retention levels and reduced recruitment costs o Problems with Orientation Programs: Too much information in a short time leads to information overload Too many forms to fill out Little or no orientation p
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