Week 18

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Reid/ Curran

Week 18: Lecture Slides: # Textbook: The Performance Management Process Step 1: Defining Performance Expectation and Goals Performance expectations should be linked to current strategic objectives and implementation plans. Some job descriptions might not clarify what employers want from the employees. o Sales associates all have the same job description but each sales manager may have individual ideas about what heshe wants. Step 2: providing ongoing feedback and Coaching Managers and employees should continue to discuss progress or ongoing performances Important to have open 2-way communication Both the employee and the manager need to check in frequently throughout the performance management process to talk about the progression towards goals. In some organizations, strategies and objectives change quickly and managers and employees have to match their goals to be consistent with the organizations goals Step 3: Conducting Performance Appraisal and Evaluation Discussions Appraisal itself is generally conducted with the aid of a predetermined and formal method Formal Appraisal Methods: 1. Graphic Rating Scale: A scale that lists a number of traits and a range of performance f
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