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ECO244TESTTWONOTESChapter8CollectiveAgreementAdministrationRecallcollectiveagreementistheagreementbetweentheunionrepresentingallworkersincludedinthebargainingunitunionmembersandnonmembersandtheemployerRoleoftheagreementistoestablishclearrulesandproceduresgoverningbothworkplacepracticesandtherelationshipbetweenthepartiesLECTURE61Explain the provision for expedited arbitration in the Ontario Labour Relations Act discuss the problems with conventional grievance arbitration that the provision was intended to address and assess the success of the expedited arbitration alternative Compare and contrast the power of an arbitrator to the power of a judge in the legal system Expedited arbitration is an option provided by statute in the OLRA The government assigns a sole arbitrator usually management or union pick an arbitrator so the parties lose the right to select an arbitrator The hearing must commence within 21 days of referral It also reduces delays and expenses because the management and unions dont have to pay for arbitrator services It requires that evidence must be in written form or have a limited number of witnesses as well as restricting the use of legal council and limiting hearing duration ThepowerofanarbitratoristhattheycandecideanyissuethatarisesoutofthecollectiveagreementTheyhavethepowertoremovedisciplinaryactionifnogroundsfordisciplineaswellsubstitutelesserdisciplineifarbitratorthinksappropriatehttpwwwlawyersnjuristscomresourcearticlesandassignmentarbitratorsjudgesarbitrationmeantcourtlawexplain2DiscusstheprinciplesofthegrievancearbitrationprocessincludingthetypesofgrievancestypesofarbitrationpowersofanarbitratorandtherangeofmitigatingfactorsinarbitrationdecisionsExplaintherationaleforexpeditedarbitrationandhowitdiffersfromconventionalarbitrationGrievancearbitrationrelatestoresolvingdisputesandapplyingandinterpretingthetermsandconditionsofanexistingcollectiveagreementTheprocedureofgrievancearbitrationisthatOLRArequiresthatacollectiveagreementhaveaformalcomplaintresolutionprocessthatdealswithdisputearisingwithacollectiveagreementItsneededbecausestrikesarenotpermittedduringthecollectiveagreementperiodThetypesofgrievancesareindividualgroupandunionorpolicyIndividualisthemostcommononeanditrelatestoasinglememberbargainingunitforexampleemployeewhogrievesthatshewasnotpaidovertimeinaccordancewiththecollectiveagreementGroupiswhenagroupofemployeesgrievethatthecollectiveagreementhasbeenviolatedforexamplegroupofemployeesgrievingthat
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