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ECO349 - Mid-Term - Solutions - Version B.pdf

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Michael H O

UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS Money BankingFinancial Markets ECO349H5F LEC0101 MICHAEL HO MIDTERM TESTSOLUTIONS DURATION 90 MINUTES OCTOBER 16 2013IMPORTANTi This test should be answered in ballpoint pen and any part done in pencil will not be eligible for reassessment ii You must put all your answers to Part A in the table provided on page 2 or a 10mark penalty will be imposed iii Answer all Part B questions in point form and only in the designated pagesAnswer every part of all the questions and clearly label each part of your answer iv Please ensure your handwriting is legible v Only nonprogrammable calculators are allowed vi A 10mark penalty will be imposed if any page is separated from this test Student Name Print Clearly Student IDPart A Part BQuestion A1A25 B1 B2 B3 Total Marks 50 20 16 14 100 a 15 10 50 16 b 5 4 100 Score 50 20 16 14 Version BPage 1 of 8
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