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2007 Fall - Final Exam - Questions.pdf

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Michael H O

UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO MISSISSAUGA December 2007 Examination ECO349H5FDr Michael HoDuration3 Hours Aids AllowedNonprogrammable CalculatorStudents may be charged with an academic offence for possessing the following items during the writing of an exam unless otherwise specifiedany unauthorized aids including but not limited to calculators cell phones pagers wristwatch computers personal digital assistants PDAs IPODS MP3 players or any other electronic deviceIf any of these items are in your possession please turn them off and put them with your belongings at the front of the room before the examination begins and no penalty will be imposedA penalty MAY BE imposed if any of these items are kept with you during the writing of your examPlease note students are NOT allowed to petition to REWRITE a final examinationStudentNameStudent NumberQuestion Marks Score a 4 1 b 13a 7 2 b 2c 83 16a 3 4 b 4c 55 10a 5 6 b 137 10Total 100ECO349H5Fpage 1 of 14 excluding cover page4 marks 1a What is the key assumption of the expectations theory and its implication on expected return on bonds with different maturities13 marks 1b Follow the same notations used in class DERIVE the relationship between the expected future shortterm interest ratesand the longterm interest rateunder the expectations theorycontinued on page 2
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