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2011 winter mid-term

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First Letter of LAST NAME ECO359H5S, Financial Economics II University of Toronto Mississauga Midterm Test, February 17th, 2011 Duration: 110 minutes (Solution) Student Name: _________________________________________________________________ Student Number: _______________________________________________________________ You must show all your work in order to receive full credit. This test will start promptly at 12:10pm. If you need scratch paper, please raise your hand and someone will bring it to you. All writing instruments must be down when time has been called. Please remain seated until the test papers have been collected and counted. If you finish the test with less than 10 minutes before the end of the test, please remain seated with your exam until time is up. Be sure to print and sign your name on the sign-in sheet before you leave the test room. Aids allowed: A non-programmable calculator. No financial calculator. No cellular phone. Please allocate time appropriately. Good luck! PLEASE DO NOT TURN THIS SHEET OVER TO LOOK THROUGH THE EXAM UNTIL EVERYONE HAS AN EXAM IN FRONT OF THEM AND YOU ARE TOLD TO BEGIN. Question Marks Earned (Marks Possible) 1 (20) 2 (25) 3 (25) 4 (30) Bonus (2) Total Marks Page1of7
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