The Princess and the Goblin

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Princess and the Goblin
-Highly intrusive narrator
-Contemporary readers are used to narrators and find it jarring and anything other than a
story leads to confusion (pre-Jamesian)
-narrator intrudes for didactic reasons, not necessarily theological issues but stresses
-Take out of the story/fantasyInnermost circle: story/fantasy/diegesis/mimetic
Outer circle: implied reader/narrator
Outermost circle: Us/Real World
-Real rich understanding of the psychology of the child no matter how unrealistic it is i.e.
how a child thinks and wants etc. (no surprise as he has 11 kids!)
-MacDonald and Lewis Carroll used to friends (meet at the house of a speech therapist
since Carroll had a stutter)
-MacDonald encouraged Carroll to publish Alices Adventure in Wonderland
-Alice is surprisingly stoic and remains calm, doesnt break down and when Alice does stand
up in the end she degenerates into anger and not tears (satirehumor, perhaps changes for
the worse)
-Irene starts out child like, spoilt, bored by her material possessions and in the end of the
book she develops into a seer figure, very wise and competent (good change in the end)
-Golden Ageneither cautionary tales nor fairy tales, of Victorian Era
-In novels individual people are worth writing about and this is seen in Cautionary Tales,
fairy tales dont have a lot of psychological depth and the characters are very two
-Blend of fairy tale element especially use of magic with psychological depth, sense of time
and place and the individuals are worth talking about not just because of their class status
-The fairy tale element in Alice was only that animals could talk, Cheshire cat, and the
suspended time and place of the tale
-George MacDonald has a princess as his heroine, castle, and goblins etc. which are all fairy
tales creatures
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