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The Princess and the Goblin Continued

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Dr.H.Forsythe Paul

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Princess and the Goblin Contd
-Goblins changed, their morality and their appearance, take home message: evolution can
get better or worse
-Goblins dont have toes, they lack soles and souls (MacDonald playing with methodological
-They are hard headed; they resist change and lack imagination
-Goblins started out as good people but their environment made them degenerate
-MacDonald suggests that goblins improve in the end, thats the good thing about him i.e.
he gives room to improvement
-MacDonald is extremely liberal and open minded because he believed that even the devil
can go to heaven if he realized his mistakes/sins
-Goblins are not scary/terrifying villains, its mainly the setting that makes it seem that
way (underground passageway/darkness that is intimidating)
-To take down a goblin you can stomp on their feet or rhyme words (accessible to kids
because they can reach their feet and dont have to be tall)
-Poetry is protective and anyone with an imagination can defeat the goblins, idea is
empowering to the child reader (power of imagination)
-Internal consistency, have an inspiration as an author you need to stay true to it, stay true
to the concept you have established
-Real esthetic concern for sound with MacDonald, magic of the fairy tale is like
instrumental music, it stirs people and its exact value is hard to know. Fairy tales are
suggestive but its not literal. MacDonald is evocative and fantasy has abstract meaning
and does not want to lead the reader, wants to stir the faculties of the child not to memorize
-Narratorial dance, child knows the definitions and appears more intelligent than the
reader, oral tale and allowing for the call and response that occurs during fairy tales
-Narrator sympathizes with the child, humorous, older, having fun with the reader
-Humor: Looties expense, grandmother (great versus enormous), stamping on the goblins
feet, stay at the kings cellar and drink wine
-Pg: 18 Lockean elements What is she spinning?
-Pg: 106 compliments to child reader, i.e. they are smarter than Irene and give credit to
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