The Princess and the Goblin Continued

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Dr.H.Forsythe Paul

Princess and the Goblin Contd -Goblins changed, their morality and their appearance, take home message: evolution can get better or worse -Goblins dont have toes, they lack soles and souls (MacDonald playing with methodological idea) -They are hard headed; they resist change and lack imagination -Goblins started out as good people but their environment made them degenerate -MacDonald suggests that goblins improve in the end, thats the good thing about him i.e. he gives room to improvement -MacDonald is extremely liberal and open minded because he believed that even the devil can go to heaven if he realized his mistakessins -Goblins are not scaryterrifying villains, its mainly the setting that makes it seem that way (underground passagewaydarkness that is intimidating) -To take down a goblin you can stomp on their feet or rhyme words (accessible to kids because they can reach their feet and dont have to be tall) -Poetry is protective and anyone with an imagination can defeat the goblins, idea is empowering to the child reader (power of imaginatio
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