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Demers Anthology: Cautionary Tales (Tiles mentioned before each note)

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Puritans Hell-fire: Warnings and Warmth, James Janeway, Pg 65-69
Puritansconcerned that if u dont learn to read Bible then you will go to Hell (extreme
version of Protestants)
Published 1672
Date of story: 1670 Genre: Martyr logy (dies for their faith or belief, religious connotation)
Point of View: A childs version in this time period
Themes: Torture, pain, suffering, things they say while they’re being burned, glory, will
meet the Maker, gruesome, grisly accounts of torture, moral messages of puritan kids that
justifies the tortures
Ending is predictable die and meet their Maker in the end
Fictional, but mimics a true life story
Paragraph 7: List of things that are ideal child that Sarah read
Name of the child: Sarah Hallway (ordinary/common name, no metaphorical implications)
How does it endan exact date, documentary proof of the day she died?
Realistic child, not a princess, ordinary girl
Exemption is her religious faith that could make her a role model
Realism tends to elevate ordinary people, democratizing genre
Vividly detailed description about where things are and what is happening
Basic summary of the story, whats the story about: Between ages 9-10, ordinary kid, goes
to a sermon and becomes evangelistic. Christian (Puritan/Protestants) by nature is an
evangelistic religion, recruit membership. Preaching to her parents to save her soul,
religious passion awakened in her.
Little girl splitting up blood and dying in agony
A very good girl and becomes a better girl. In paragraph 8, we see her domestic-ness.
Paragraph 15explaining original sin to her mother
Real role model in her
Rejects her fathers assurance that she will go to heaven because she is a little girl
Extremely good
Why is she so upset? Should she not be happy because she has done everything right?
Conscious makes her paranoid (paranoia) anything could make her go to hell
Trying to make use of every last second to be good
Shes done everything right, shouldnt she be peaceful that shes done everything right and
shes going to see her maker?
Extreme interpretation of common sin everyone is tainted and needs to recover their sins
and abide by the strict codes of morality (Adam and Eve)
Before you were born it was already decided whether youre going to heaven and there is
nothing one can do to change it
Day by day breakdown of her last few days, have it as leisure ready but also extra
Saw death as Gods punishment and extremely risky because even the best person can get
eternal damnation
Incredibly intense shes in rapture, very intense. Her audience believes that MAYBE she
did get to heaven. She is dying of TB therefore the breathlessness, the desperation and the
ecstasy that she is going through is very striking
Pros that anticipate the novel, some elements that make their way to Alice in Wonderland
later on
The girls faith authorizes her, some level of hierarchy
Bosses her mom and dad, can be enchanting to a child reader
Mrs is spelled as mistress; this means there are servants in their house not that she is
It means she is middle class and that she is not a servant girl
There would be servants in the house who are answerable to her (indicates her class status)
John Bunyan Pg 71-80 (?)
In 1686, Bunyan was also a preacher and a Puritan (authors of Pilgrims Progress)
1686: Country Rhymes for children
Uses poems to draw spiritual lessons
Less harsh than Janeway maybe because he uses items rather than actual
Lot of domestic objects (very common/anyone can find it, accessible to common children)
Uses rhymes so it has a lot more flow than using words, kids like the way things sound will
soften the blow. May not even pay attention to the context

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