Demers Anthology: Cautionary Tales (Titles mentioned under each note)

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Dr.H.Forsythe Paul

Meditation of the Eggs You can have life but that doesnt mean youre a Christian. Individual faith to make you Christian Individual idea of faith, beyond hatching, comes out of your flesh Series of analogy how many angles he can make work for this analogy for the chick coming out of the egg and Christian After the chick emerges from the egg its vulnerable to preyafter man becomes a Christian he has no fear at all (salvation) False Christian versus Rotten egg Middle is always the darkest of a trilogy because you need things to get better Not all men can be born again and saved, all these horrible things that could come out of an egg and never be healthy Entirely focused on Puritan teachings to a child Not just the soul of the child but also the mind of the child (give it some exercise) Metaphysical Conceit Associated with seduction in form and applied to religious teachings for children A lot more complexity with Bunyan Also capable of surprise, clichs and reverse the meaning Keeping up with him mentally is a great workout Aspects of the self that are not acceptable and he puts it into an object telling you the bee is full of sin NOT you Leisure or moral lesson, great relief Isaac Watson Watsons verse were often used to train the mind to memorize Central part of the Victorian childs era
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