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Demers Anthology: Cautionary Tales (Titles mentioned under each note)

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Dr.H.Forsythe Paul

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Children are innocent and love justice, while most of us are wicked and naturally prefer
17th C FranceSuper power19th C Germany Occupied by Napoleon
Classical Romantic
Kings Propagandist + Literary ambitionsScholars, archivists + German nationalists
Perrault is all about making royalty look good and make people admire the rich
Grimms are writing in the era of Beethoven whereas Perrault are writing in the era of
Grimms try to preserve the purest, most original form of literary tales (a lot of anti-
Delarue: The Story of the Grandmother, Pg: 32
Very scary for a childrens story, gruesome (how the child eats the flesh and drinks the
blood of grandmother)
Sexual connotation (little red riding hood undressing), use of the word slut (earliest
meaning of slut means someone who doesnt take care of their house)
How does it make you sexual to be a cannibal, to eat someone from your family? (Use of the
world slut is pretty arbitrary)
The child notices secondary sexual characteristics of the wolf (big shoulders, size etc.)
No background to the story, shes in the woods and then just happens to run into the wolf
Needles Road v/s Pins Road, domestic connotations, appropriate to the forest settings, sense
of choosing to walk on pins and needles (being careful, choosing your steps wisely to avoid
getting hurt; no significant difference)
Warning children that talking to strangers is dangerous or trusting the wrong grown-up,
mistaking a stranger disguised as a friend
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