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Forensic Science
Hisham Ragab

-Forensic bio & udentification of body fluids -forensic dna -forensic dna profiling, codis & dna database -the forensic expert witness testimony -explosives -forensic entomology -3d forensic reconstruction -forensic toxicology, drug screening -impaired driving – mendel`s particulate heredictary elements are called ____ genes – The various form of a given gene are called»____ alleles – heterozygous, homozygous, genotype, phenotype Direct exam is a hearing to dertermnine the admissibility of evidence , the competency of a witness or juror F seminal acid phosphate which is water soluble, may be removed by laundering, but may be detected after dry clean T dissolves in liquid but not vapour the basic pre3mise of theAAS code of ethics and conduct is a. to regulate and ensure ethical behavciour on the part of its members, with respect to their jobs in the fsc b. to protct the reputation of theAcademy a&b proper chronological sequence for dna typing in a forenswic lab: -extraction – quantitation – amplification – detection – analysis quantitation : determine the amount of DNAfor PCR General –Acceptance Standard First articulated in an influential Daubert vs Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals(1993) F first case = 1923 – frye vs US case choice rxn time, speed and distance judgement, vision and risk assessment are affected by alcohol consumption biochemist sir alec jeffreys invented the PCR, a method to make multiple copies from a small sample of DNA F 1985 – invented PCR, nobel price in 1993 he invented DNAfingerprinting, first applied to case in 1986, double sexual assult and murder case Haptoglobin, phosphoglucomutase, group-specific component, and esterase D are examples of a. proteins b. proteins and enzymes c. enzymes d. glycolipids And : B definition of law is : a. the system of rules that a particular country or community recognises as regulating the actionségverns the behaviours of mambers highly complex instrument used to break apart molecules into ions, provides a distinctive fragment pattern, makes the fingerprint of each compound, the resulting patterns are then compared to a reference sample for identification purposes a.IR b.MS c.NMR nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (not for organic) d.CE capillary electrophoresis (for drugs) e.TLC (not for comfirmation) and :B (GCMS) in canada, it refers to a trial within a trial voir dore STR (short tendon repeat) testing is a test based on the use of PCR T old tenique : dna fingerprinting, based on the use of restriction enzymes, not PCR Delta 9 Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a primary psychoactive compound in marijuana T when a presumptive test for blood is positive, it means blood is present and u dun have to test further ans : F when negative, MUST not present, positive = MAY BE present (confirmatory test needed) name of the genetic locus used to determine gender in STR test
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