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Forensic Science
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Hisham Ragab

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1. The first system of personal identification was FingerprintingAnthropometry 2. The search for physical evidence at a crime scene: must be thorough and systematic 3. Items discovered at a crime scene: must be marked for identification with collector’s initials and collection of date 4. Which of the following considered being an acceptable crime scene search pattern? a. Line or strip b. Grid c. Zone d. Wheel or ray e. Spiral 5. The order of photographs taken at a crime scene is overview, medium range, and close-up Crime Scene documentation type: Note-taking, sketching, video-taking, photographing, digital image (3D) 6. The scientist who maintained that when a criminal came in contact with an object or person a cross-transfer of evidence will occur of: Edmond Locard 7. The functions of the forensic scientist include: furnishing training on the proper collection of physical evidence, analysis of physical evidence in labs, providing expert testimony Forensic examiner: nothing to do with the case, just hired to listen in the court room, collect the data, interpretation of the data, comes up with conclusion 8. Only individual who have accredited professional credentials from recognized university or medical programs are allowed to testify in court as expert witnesses. What are the credentials of forensic expertise? Experience in relevant or specific field, certain skills, 4-year degree certification 9. Forensic anthropologist does not determines the cause of death of an individual 10.Adult age estimation techniques include degeneration of the public symphysis, auricular surface 11. Arson evidence (fire): mental paint cans Dry powder: plastic bag (large amount), a small piece of paper (small amount) Druggist fold: small amounts of trace evidence Biological material: paper bag (mould, lots of bacteria if plastic bag) 12. 90 degree, blood stain 13. Patent (visible) /Latent (invisible) fingerprint: make a picture Shoe print in dry dirt: dental stone Tire marks in snow: Impression wax, then dental stone Dust impression of shoe print: Electrostatic lifting Bloody footwear impression: Leucomalachite green 14.Aqualified crime scene invest
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