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Forensic Science
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Hisham Ragab

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nd Materials for 2 test - Forensic Anthropology cases - Forensic Pathology in Canada - Introduction to Forensic Chemistry - The Forensic Autopsy and cause of death - Forensic Odontology - Injuries and wounds examination - Firearm Injuries - Interesting cases in forensic pathology - Central Receiving office - Firearm Investigation - Coroner services in Canada are under the provincial government. The service is headed by a chief coroner. - Antemortem dental records may be obtained from the dentist, military, prison, hospital. - Among the goals of death investigation: to determine the manner and cause of death, the protection of other third parties, the expansion of scientific knowledge and the promotion of preventable death. - LIMS stands for: Laboratory information management system - The duties of forensic pathologist include: reviewing medical history, reviewing witness statements, scene examination, autopsy examination. - The disease or injury which initiated a chain of events resulting in death is known as the cause of death - In order to cause a bodily injury, an outside force must be greater than the elasticity and the inertia of the tissue contacted. - Professionalism governs how one acts, how one dresses. - Third step of a medico-legal death investigation is autopsy: 1. Collect information, 2. External examination/autopsy, 3. Lab tests - Younger individual: more precise dental age estimation. - A coroner’s inquest is mandatory when there is a death in custody, death in a psychiatric facility, accidental death on a construction site. - The Centre for Forensic Sciences is situated within the Ministry of community safety and Correctional Services and is independent of the Police and Attorney General. - An abrasion is caused when the superficial layer of skin is destroyed. A laceration wound is a tear in the tissue produced by blunt force injury. A bruise (contusion) is defined as an area of hemorrhage into the skin of soft tissue as result of rupture of blood vessels due to blunt fore injury. A chop wound caused by heavy instruments, or weapons, whi
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