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Forensic Science
Wade Knaap

Forensic Science & the Law For Anth & the Outdoor crime Forensic Identification Service Shooting Incident Reconstruction Forensic Psychology What do forensic psychologist not do The right to a lawyer. The right to remain silent. What are the things that the police inform the individual at the tiem of the arrest What is go through the preliminary testing process? First thing police officer…. What is bullet wipe? The transfer of lubricant and/ or What is interfering material? Any material that the bullet passes through before it comes to a stop. What is – Why (FP) The criminal profiler is called in to help determine ‘who’ by addressing this What is eyewitness testimony? Notoriously unreliable, yet no judge will let an expert witness testify What is direct evidence? Inlcuded witness testimony What is a total station? Creates digital map and is a com What is the backfill halo? The outline What is – the gun relative to environment/victims, the hammer, the safety, the cylinder, pump arm, and bolt or lever? When documenting firearms found at a shooting incident, the positions of these must be recorded. What is Psychology? The science What is a police officer? To be a criminal profiler in Canada, you must be this What are behaviour person Environment In the equation B=f(p,E), the capital What is Calibre?(SIR) F What is use of a grid? Ensures systematic searching and recovery of an area, aids in documentation and allows for easy reference. What is the outcome of the Daubert ruling? With respect to expert witness testimony the outcome means: 1.A Judge will decide as to whether or not the testimony is admissible 2. A jury will decide as to how credible the testimony is 3. Only reliable scientific evidence is permitted What is the process of becoming a member of the FIS? A long process, which involves being mentored by a more senior FIS member, with training continuing even after you become a member What is – the problem with gun shot residue?(FS&L) It is very transferable and there is no standard as to how many particles are required to be present to say someone fired a weapon. What are—the 4 criteria for the admissibility of expert witness testimony as established from Testimony must be relevant; necessary to assist the trier of fact; should not trigger any exclusionary rules What is – to be secure against unreasonable search and seizure? Everyone has the right to this – under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms What is the role of the coroner in the death investigation? Has broader powers than police takes possession of the body and can go anywhere and collect anything they want. What is shooting incident reconstruction?(SIR) The examination and analysis of physical evidenc
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