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Forensic Science

FSC239thSeptember 10ForensicsField of science dedicated to gathering and analysis of evidenceoPure science applied to practical applicationFIS officers work with police officers who are the first respondersoAlso work with specialty bureaus coroners forensic pathologists crown attorneysFIS mandateoExamination recording photography of the crime scene and evidenceoExamination of articles for physical evidenceoPhotography of people comparisons of thingsoPreparation of evidence for courtObjectivesoLifting of prints collection of DNA etc is done by FIS analysis of these things are done by CFSLatent vs knownoUnknown sample is compared to known sourceRCMP databases DNA data bank etcACEV applied to any type of matchingoAanalysisSeparate things into their parts and find out what theyre made ofoCcomparisonAct of comparing or finding likenesses and differencesoEevaluationIs there agreement or disagreementIf agreement must have sufficient uniqueness to eliminate all other possibilitiesoVverificationEntire process is repeated by another person at the same level or greater than the first examinerAFISautomated fingerprint identification systemoUsed to compare a crime scene print against every fingerprint in the RCMP database in OttawaoOfficers must manually identify each printSuitabilityoHas to be sufficient detail in the sample for a comparison to be madeCrime scene managementoOnce the forensic team is on site it becomes the responsibility of the FISoLocards principleanytime there is contact with a scene or item there is a twoway transfer between the person entering scene or handling itemoPreservationScene can be altered by complainant police EMS culprit next of kin in suicideTypes of scenesoPrimary scenescene of the crime ie house where it happenedoSecondary scenearea where body was foundoTertiary scenevehicle used to transport bodyFSC239thSeptember 14The Crime Scenemany types of crime scenesoall are differentcan be classified in a variety of waysolocation of offenceosizemacromicrootype of crimeburglary arsonya crime scene is not staticoboundaries can be redefineddepending on what new evidence is uncoveredImportance of a Sceneestablish links victim suspect scene objectgenerate leadsunderstanding the evidence itselfunderstanding behaviourcorroborating witness statementsID suspectsFirst Responderpolice officeroestablishing control and leadershiposcene is chaosquick decision making and judgementscontrol what is going onoformulate a plansecuritypreserve scene and protect evidencedocument changesoestablish path of connection2 paths culprit first responderoemergencies 2 rolesif offender still on scene take into custodyensuring the safety of the victimSecuring a SceneStaging Outer perimeterareaInner perimeterMediaprevent them from accessing scenePeople at the Scenevictimoffenderwitnessrelativesmediapoliceother investigatorsRecording the Scenephotographyaccurate and permanent recorditems not moved until photographedopreserve integrity of the scenephotographed as completely as possibleooverallsopoints of entryovarious anglesophotograph items to show position and location relative to entire sceneoWALK THE VIEWER INoverall midcloseshow judge and jury what was going onoclose upsooverheadorecord detailosizescalerelative sizeoevidence placardoverall processing of the sceneodo 2 photos one with scale north arrow placardone withoutowhen in doubt take a photobut a photo should always be takenoDO NOT DELETE ANY PHOTOSorecord all photos with a photo logofill the frameoavoid including extraneous objects people tools hands feetobe mindful of shadows and reflective surfacesocheck the photo before moving onoVIDEOnot a subsitute for photosshould not include extraneous objectspeopleuse placard to document recordingwalk the viewer inno jumping aroundsmoother transitionpaneoNO SOUNDdistracting unprofessionalosketchesdone quickly on the scene and refined afterwardsimportant features recovered evidencevisual representation of sceneoften to scale but not required
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