FSL106H5 Study Guide - Time In Australia, Vehicle Identification Number

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10 Jan 2011

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Tre to be je suis tu es il/elle est nous sommes vous tes ils/elles sont. Ir (choisir) je choisis tu choisis il/elle choisit nous choisissons vous choisissez ils/elles choisissent. Describe yourself s"essuyer to wipe / to dry oneself je m"essuie tu t"essuies il/elle s"essuie nous nous essuyons vous vous essuyez ils/elles s"essuient. Re (attendre) j"attends tu attends il/elle attend nous attendons vous attendez ils attendent. Definite articles le, la, l", les (the) Le chien mange mes devoirs. (not just any dog, specifically this dog) Definite articles also represent nouns in a general sense: We love cheese. (in general, all kinds of cheese) Indefinite articles un, une, des (a/an, some) Represent non-specific, whole items, doesn"t matter which one. Sometimes some is omitted in english but you must keep the article in french. You are not looking at every photo in the world, just some. Negation: articles all change to de or d" in front of a vowel.