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FSC239Y5 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Possessive, Verb, Semicolon

Forensic Science
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Joel Cahn
Study Guide

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FSC TUT Writing Critically
Assignment 2
- Analyze and interpret information
- Provide logical and systematic answers
- Critically evaluate materials
- Use multiple sources ie. Notes, additional literature
- Follow instructions
- Don’t leave to last minute
- Think critically and provide evidence
- Get feedback from peers
- Avoid basic mistakes
- Adhere to formatting and referencing guideline
- Answer the questions clearly
Assignment Formatting Guidelines
- Very easy marks
- Use the guidelines as a checklist
- Common mistakes on the last assignment: included a title page, no page numbers, name
and student # in the wrong corner, wrong font, wrong spacing
Assignment Referencing Guidelines
- No footnotes/endnotes
- Separate page entitled references in alphabetical ordered
- What should be referenced: anything that’s not your own thought
o Basically every sentence should be referenced
Citation Guidelines
- At the end of a sentence
o 1 author (Smith 2010)
o 2 authors (Simon & Brown 2010)
o 3+ authors (Smith et al. 2010)
- at the beginning of a sentence
o Smith (2010) states
o Smith and Brown (2010)
o Smith and colleagues (2010)
no direct quotes
Referencing Common Mistakes
- spell authors names correctly
citations not just at the end of a paragraph
- if a citation is at the end of a sentence, the period should come after the citation not
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