Forensic Documentation Examination

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8 Apr 2011
Forensic Documentation Examination
March 1st Lecture
Do not examine or determine characteristics/sex/personality from handwriting
Conducts a technical examination to determine authenticity and relationship of
Two sub-sets of items: 1) questioned items, 2) known or comparison items
Acceptable samples: originals( the best), photocopies, mircrofiche, fax copies, digital
-first determine if questioned and known items are suitable for comparibility
-side-by-side comparison noting and similarities and differences
-observations are evaluated for agreement and individuality and limitations
-a CONCLUSION is reached
Range of conclusions
Positive ID
Probable ID (writer wrote the note to the exclusion to all other possible writers,
theoretical possibility of another writer)*
Unable to determine
Probable Elimination*
Positive Elimination
*under review
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