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January 07, 2013 Marketing Geography – lecture 1 Understanding Geography - Spatial discipline o Associated with location o Where are stores located – what is the relation to the market - Multi-disciplinary o Political science - Importance of location o Population characteristics - Spatial expressions/spatial connection Geography and retial - Understanding the consumer o Population location o Socio-economic characteristics  lifecycle(birthdeath) where they start and where they end. more useless things out there means higher marketing economy. When you are young most money goes to yourself. When you are older, it goes to your family.  life level – income. As occupational cycle goes on, income level changes.  lifestyle – have no money, don’t have that specific lifestyle. Lifestyle is linked to age, amount of money, and lifestyle. Is linked to who you are and what you do. o GTA – population growth o Northern peel – all agriculture no retail. o Amount of population relates to the amount of retail stores o In urban areas – age, income, family structure, ethnicity o Lots of Italians in Woodbridge, little in Etobicoke. Brampton – Indians. Markham, Richmond hill – Asians. Income and housing is relatively standard in suburban areas. But ethnicity varies. Retail economy i
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