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Chapter 7 urban marketThe Size VariationDifferent cities are varying widely in size with Toronto more than 40 times larger than Sherbrooke The part of central Canada from Windsor to Quebec City has about 10 times the density of cities as the rest of the country The North is so lightly populated each of the major regions is served by a major distribution centre regional centre grow as their regional market growRecent Growth Trendsthe distribution of urban growth is influenced by the influx of immigration and an overall decline in fertility and in part by the rapid growth of jobs in the commercial sectors Central Canada dominated region of growth Toronto Montreal Vancouver Ottawa BCthe growth of market income is important to commercial activities because it provides opportunities for new stores entering a marketgrown in number of household and level of household incomegrowth in market income result from the increase in number of household as average household size continued to declineThe Redistribution of Service Employment more than three quarters of the new jobs created in Canada belong to the service the large number of cities that have actually lost to commercial hobs even where market have grown a growing city attracts disproportionate amounts of commercial activity and commercial activity is attracted from nearby operating centres Specialization in Services
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