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Pierre Desrochers

1 According to your professor what are the commonly admitted facts about modern agriculture What are the two main divergent interpretations of these facts What is the bottom line of the supporters of modern agriculture List three reasons as to why modern agriculture isnt sustainable according to its detractorsFactsFoods is cheaper more abundant yeararound freshMore urbanization less farmers Big AgribusinessFood production processingretailing now globalizedInterpretationsGood fed prices quality of lifeBad environmental social nutritional public healthanimal welfare problemsBottom linesSince 1950s1Human numberfood demand qrew2Yet food supplies increased even fasterReasons1Mounting food scarcity2Destruction forestsother habitats3More RD4Per here tare yield2List and discuss briefly two problemsone of input and one institutionalof African agriculture as discussed by Tyler Cowen Describe briefly Michael Pollans compulsory composting scheme and Blake Hursts take on itOne huge problem is that the price of fertilizer in Africa is often two to four times the world price in many Africa countries soil and rainfall is not at a good condition so they need fertilizerexport and import restrictions as well as to price controls restrictions of market incentives exacerbate the basic supply problemsMichael Pollans grand idea is mandatory household composting with the compost delivered to farmers free of charge Hurst forcing all Americans to compost their leftovers and then deliver them free of charge to farmers3What is the key concept of Food Policy Projects proposal List and discuss briefly three of its key elements According to Kyle Smith what is the greatest food in human history or close to itFood sovereignty PFP Food is eaten as close as possible to where it is producedSupporting widespread shift to ecological production in both urbanmoral setting Strong federal poverty eliminationprevention program to ensure Canadians can better afford healthy food Nationally funded children and food strategy Public actively involved in decisions that affects the food systemMcDonalds McDouble cheeseburger4Why does Robert Paarlberg argue that food prices on the world market tell us very little about world hunger Why does he argue that the Green Revolution delivered better agricultural and social outcomes in Asia than in Latin AmericaInternational markets for food like most other international markets are used most heavily by the welltodo who are far from hungry Challenges Food 70x 100Land sufficient but not allWaterYieldInterventions5List three 3 characteristics of Subsistence Agriculture or or Globallyimportant Ingenious Agricultural Heritage SystemsGIAHS List three 3 main features of modern agriculture What were the main goals and results achieved by plant breeders over time in terms of production and consumption list 3 things for eachSubsistence Agricluture1Small farm sizecontinuous production2Diversified production based on mixtures of crops treesanimals3Maximum use of local resources4Low dependence on offfarm inputsGIAHSNet energy yield high because energy inputs relatively lowLabor drawn largely from household or communityNutrientsother materials regularly recycled
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