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28 Apr 2012

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How do new democrats look like old republicans (from tutorial) Clinton won second term by giving himself over to conservative policies. He cut down welfare, cut down the role of big government, balanced budget. In the early 1930"s president fdr had taken a modern liberal strategy which entailed deploying the government power to help individuals and not just the manufacturers during the great depression. Hoover had tried to help the manufactures in stimulating the economy. Keynes which says you couldn"t always trust the private sector since they can fail. So instead it"s the govt. that has to drive the economy. To do implement this strategy fdr had called for the new deal. A branch of laws that were made to help get the united states out of the depression. It was the first creation and use of federal welfare in america. Administration) that helped more workers to work than ever before (8 milions americans put to work in.

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