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What are the causes of revolution in LAmericaThe issues causing revolution in LAmerica were a combination of social economic inequality political participation being close off and the United States foreign policy towards Latin America that was for their own interest The essay will focus on specific examples in El Salvador Guatemala CubaNicaragua El SalvadorThe revolution began with the socialeconomic inequality The economy was based on coffee production and the demand for their products abroad The traditional land was taken from the peasants and Indians because it was the best land for making coffee this turned the Indians into productive citizens into workers Large social inequality were due to this as there is no middle class 95 of the population were mestizos or indian but they were all poor The country was run by 14 families where a group of oligarchs controlled 77 of the wealth but only 85 of the population The lords had plantations with their personal armies which became the national guard to protect the interest of the family Through the depression these ienqualities grew more extreme when the price of coffee dropped which meant the peasantry had no money no land and could only sell their labor These inequalities resulted in rebellions against Augustin Marti and in 1932 the Matanza Masacree had 30000 killed This lead to complete political participation being shut down under Hernandez Marti the revolution was likely because when the majority of the population is so poor and the economy is based to benefit the few you cant demonstrate your grievance through political institutions when there is one dictator which leads to violent uprisings The revolu
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