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Midterm Key Term Notes The following contains very detailed descriptions of all of the key terms that were on the midterm. It contains identification of the terms and the significance of them. If you study these notes, you should do very well on the midte

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Valerie Hebert

Antisemitism Identify prejudice against or hostility towards Jews collection of myths lies contradictions hatred of Jewish raceJews remain Jews no matter what all negative stereotypes are biologicalcoined by Wilhelm Marr 1870comes from the idea that Semites were a race legitimately stood for a language grouping but become synonymous w Jews roots in linguistic grouping meaning changed antisemitism vs antiSemitism outgrowth of antiJudaism conflict rooted in Christian theology peaked in popularity in 1893 thth19C AS became radicalized in 20 Cen Nazi brand of AS was fantastical lethal to a degree that had been not been seen beforemanifested in many ways ranging from individual expressions of hatred and discrimination against individual Jews to organized violent attacks by mobs or even state police or military attacks on entire Jewish communities extreme instances of persecution include the First Crusade of 1096 the expulsion from England in 1290 the Spanish Inquisition the expulsion from Spain in 1492 the expulsion from Portugal in 1497 various pogroms the Dreyfus Affair and perhaps the most infamous the Holocaust under Adolf Hitlers Nazi Germany AS as a backlash from emancipation German nationalismJews excluded from clubs pol parties except soccommie officer court limited to lowest lvls of academic profession Ruther Spainconvert or get out many converted and assimilated rose up in Spanish society genealogy had to be searched dress rehearsal for the modern antisemitist 89Why Significantstart of the answer why the Jews starting point for the genocide grew over the period of time of the depression extreme views appealed to struggling public Jochmann Antisemitism has become a constitutive element of nationalism an integral part of a new imperialist drive in Germany Volkov cultural code werent allowed to get involved in tradeshad to exploit financial realm only professions they could get into become wealthy hate not unique to the Nazis Nazi antiSemitism fixated on fantasy relating to a Jewish conspiracy to dominate the worldSaul Friedlander Hitler and his associates preached redemptive antiSemitismthe belief that the Jews were the root of all evil and that Germany could be saved from collapse only by total removal of Jews and Jewish influence9 yrs before becoming the leader of Germany Hitler writes mein kampf Jews portrayed as ultimate evilif not annihilated Germany would cease to exist threat to the world Nazis didnt invent this they took control and intensified 1965 Pope issued a statement Vatican Council II acknowledged link btwn Christian theology and the Holocaust Vatican Council Vaticans condemnation of the Jews for killing Jesus helping to spread antiSemitism among the general public AntiJudaism Identify Prejudice against the Jewish faith implies members of Jewish faith could convert where AS stems from 1871 EmancipationGerman unification privileges of heredity nobility went awayeven Jews could obtain power constitution granted equal rights of people Jews could vote greater access to edu etcJews entered the professions took advantage of the opportunity Emancipation lead to conflict many assumed it would lead to Jewish assimilationWhy Significant key to understanding AS led to AS it tried to force Jews to either convert or face persecution profound impact on pop culture automatic contempt of JewsHistorical BackgroundWhere does it come fromMessiah savior of the world sent by God JewishJews chosen by God to be his peoplespecial relationship law given to Moses told Jesus how to live God promises to send a messiah establish kingdom of God on earth Christians this promise of a messiah has been fulfilled Jesus believe he rose from the dead those who believe in Jesus will ascend to heaven come to Godone becomes a Christian to believe in the messiaha duty to spread this msg around the world Jews didnt believe Jesus was the messiah the 2 stood in opposition the Christians won this competition th4 Century Constantine converts to Christianity wins becomes law of the land has the Roman Empire behind it becomes state religion law is behind antiJewish prejudice transforms into ASChurch has to delegitimize the Jewish faithallowed to use cinigogs can do it cant expand Destruction of Jewish temple of Romans in 70 exilelogic that they are a punished people if the Jews suffer it is bc they have rejected God early Christian theology Judaism is an obsolete faithlaid foundation for legitimate persecution of Jews no abuse was too extreme for deicideno auth lawyers judges couldnt own land cant own shops be in trade guild outward marks ghettos curfew special taxes year 1000 new myths to justify violence myth of ritual murderJews kill Christian children to use their bloodJews conspired w leapers created the bubonic plague myths came into Christian pop culture Passion Plays stirred up antiJewish thoughts Pogrumdevastation Crusadeskillingconversion of Jewsto 13 of Jews in France and Germany dead
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