MGT393H5 Study Guide - Limited Liability, Luke Bryan, Business Plan

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10 Dec 2013

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Rsm 225/mgt 393 assignment #1 general guide value 5%; This is not intended to be a sample response nor a complete guide but rather is intended to reflect the type of issues that should be included into the response. This guide does not have depth of analysis required - - only general concepts. [not proofread] (given that the total page limit is 6 and part b has a max of 2 marks could be allocated part a out of 67; part b out of 33. ) Hunter hayees, is a creative and wealthy businessperson. Keith urbane does not have much by way of assets but is highly skilled as a tailor particularly when it comes to leather related products. Carrie underwoode is a super salesperson with an eye for style . The three individuals are in their twenties and they all knew each other from back in grade school and high school having remained close friends.