MGT393H5 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Automotive Lighting, Contributory Negligence, Brad Paisley

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6 Apr 2014

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Mgt 393/rsm 225 winter 2014- midterm general guide this is not intended to be a sample response but rather a general guide to issues that could be identified and discussed. A client, tailorswifft, has attended at your office. The client explains that her sister, carrie, was married to a. Tailor, carrie and jacque were all from a small town outside of london, ontario. In 2009, tailor and carrie decided to open up a cupcake/bakeshop called. In order to proceed, it was decided to incorporate a company,underwooden foods. Tailor received 40 class avoting common shares of ufl and carrie received 40 class b voting common shares of ufl and jacque received 20 class c voting common shares of ufl. The share attributes were identical for each class; different classes were issued to provide some flexibility for tax planning. Tailor and carrie were each initially elected as directors, and carrie was appointed president and tailor, vice-

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