POL113H5 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Impulsivity, Nonviolent Resistance, Gettysburg Address

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6 Nov 2016

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Fortune rules over human affairs : machiavelli disagrees, stating that it is half fortune and half free will that governs human affairs. Fortuna is fickle; she will strike down competent leaders and seat idiots on the throne. That"s why one should build protection against the river (fortune) when the tide is low. Protection: strengthening the relationship between the leader and his subjects. Borgia had good intentions but was struck down because he got incapacitated at the same time his father died, hence losing all his power. He could not impose the next pope, and so elected someone who hated him. He let the guy who hated him become pope. Machiavelli praises borgia for his good intentions and relationship with his people. But he remains dependent on the fortune from his father"s position and influence. He did not develop the skills to manage a principality. He gained his people"s loyalty but relied too much on his father"s power.

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