POL114H5 Study Guide - Final Guide: Joint Implementation, South Asia, Liberation Tigers Of Tamil Eelam

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11 Mar 2013

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Explain using specific examples to illustrate your answer. This reaction starts on arms race in which none of the participants is any more secure (and may in fact be less secure) than it was initially. States take unilateral measures to ensure their own security by decreasing the security of neighbouring states, which will perceive these measures as threatening and will take counter measures. The country/state with the most money will win since they can afford to develop a stronger military force. Brings the idea of mutually assured destruction (fear) and arms race. Mutually assured destruction is a sense that the increased military measure will result in a states of fright. The money used to improve the military power could"ve been used to enhance other things. Soviet union vs. united states (nuclear weapon) Usa and china by improving the self defense of taiwan any countries in war = security dilemma. International relations scholars disagree about the significance of globalization.