POL114H5 Final: Exam Study Notes

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15 Feb 2011

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Increased bargaining power world frightened of global environmental impact of mass industrialization: leverage on future negotiations on pollution treaties. Marxists: deforestation and soil degradation part of a process of capitalism exploitation in the periphery, no final answer to environmental problems until exploitative elites that dominate the capitalist system are overthrown and capitalism itself is replaced. Eco-feminist www. notesolution. com: destruction of habitat instruction of patriarchy. The gap between the wealthy and the poor never greater. Poor nations are burdened /w external debt, poverty, unsustainable agricultural and industrial process. In addition the poverty the citizens are living in sickening conditions. The divergence of wealth is central idea in global pol. However, convergence can be seen between north america and europe. Globalization is based on liberal economic theory. These institutions and organizations are controlled by the state and beneath layer of liberal principles.

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