POL208Y5 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Transnational Crime, July Crisis, Neoliberalism

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15 Feb 2011

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State: an organized political unit that has a geographic territory, a stable population, and a government to which the population owes allegiance and that is legally recognized by other states. Territory: a portion of the earth"s surface appropriated by a political community or state. Sovereignty: the authority of the state, based on recognition by other states and by non-state actors, to govern matters within its own boarders that affect its people, economy security, and form of government. monopoly over legitimate use of force, can declare war against other states. Internal government highest authority/ over territory and population. External no higher authority or unit above the state. Peace of westphalia: independent sovereign states, the end of the thirty years war. is what we claim as the turning point of the old world and the new world, which is similar to the maps we have now. The new world we got independent sovereign states.

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