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University of Toronto Mississauga
Dave Swanston

Lecture 1September13131122 AMArticlePoliticians porters management etc are involvedThis is about increasing capacity services routes schedule makes them more competitive the cost structure revenue structure canadian economy effects environmental effectsA lot of stake holdersBusiness people wants more service with less costMore work for people at the airport less trafficThis decision has a ripple effectIf youre a manager at porter whose interest do you pay attention to Management how it affects success of businessStay in current with news and how it affects businessLink readings with real worldThese make you an effective managerGoogle privacy issuesThey are now being suedThe price of oil is dropping US is gonna attack SyriaResources have to change Canadian dollar is doing well because China is doing well more spending sellingPostmedia to sell properties in BC and Alberta to cut costs reduce debtThese stories have direct indirect impact of businessWe are always reassessing changesMake a habit of monitoring current eventsTodays AgendaAnnouncementsIntroduction Course outlineIntro to managementTodays student Wiley WebinarLikesStructureTechnologyBW AnswersDoing it their wayTo succeed To knowDislikesAmbiguitySpeaking or writingReflectingBeing told what to doTo failTo learnUnderstand the textbook ask yourself how would you apply thisAcademic success Lecture Page 1 Academic successVisit websiteCheck emailsRead course outline it is your guideRead instructions dont just ask someoneFocus on learningAssume everything is on the test short answerslecture content MCchapter contentWork ahead this gives you time to get clarificationDemonstrate intellectual ponder and discussTake responsibility for your learningWorking hard does not always result in high gradesNeed to demonstrate your depth of knowledge ability to make connections and apply your learningClass StructureBegin with discussion of current events read the newsLecture discussion we will not be covering chapter content in detail add valueBizcafe simulation results questions incident followupWhat is a managerIt is a difficult jobManagers are responsible for making decisionsunder conditions of uncertainty about the allocation of scarce resourcestoward achieving the organizations strategic objectivesGood decision makersManagers roles are evolving new approaches whyGlobal competition thats why they have to be current in newsBusiness scandalsConstant changeBetter educated workers theres less labor jobDownsizing rightsizingLeaders v ManagersReview simulation manualExpectation forms Lecture Page 2 Lecture 2September20131117 AMArticle incoming Tim Hortons CEO Keep in mind that this is a Canadian icon not just a companyWhat are the biggest challenges Tim Hortons has been successful for many years CEO cant risk everythingThey want to keep franchises happy too by making profit for themExpenses on employees how they affect salesResources they want to maintain quality of coffeeCustomer experience satisfactionHe has a lot of people to satisfy stakeholders shareholders ultimately this is what CEO doesManagementDifferent skills knowledge priorities decisionsRoles change Sets of objectives that need to be carried outMore of an art than scienceSecond articleDebate How much should CEO be makingIn US theyre making 400 times as lowest paid employeeGreed and self satisfying behaviour are problem in the marketCEO are becoming more responsible ethical fairWagemark is promoting thisFunctions of managementPlanning and strategizing what type of coffee shop where is the shopOrganizing staff compensationLeading and developing motivation of employees to accomplish goals guide changesControlling develop opportunities corrective actions Lecture Page 1
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