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MGM101 Test 3 - 2011

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Dave Swanston

MGM101 Test 3 Short Answer QuestionsOrganizations can use internal recruitment and external recruitment activities to find the best employees for a position Describe these two approaches and provide one advantage for using each approach 4 MarksOne mark for each correct description and an additional mark for providing an advantageExternalCandidates are sought from outside of the organization not current employees through methods such as want ads head hunters recruiters job fairs oncampus recruiting etc Advantageallows firms to acquire new perspectives expertise and capabilities that they do not currently possessInternalRecruits candidates from within the organization current employees though internal postings newsletters and promoting employees through management recommendations AdvantageLess expensive ability already known fosters loyalty and increases motivationShermerhorn page 287 Describe two initiatives that a company can take to help its employees to balance work with their lives 2 MarksOne mark each for proper description of any two appropriate initiatives includingFlexible working hours work from home telecommuting vacations paid leave leaves of absence job sharing onsite daycare elder care assistance concierge services etcShermerhorn pages 294295 Describe how work is organized in firms utilizing a divisional organizational structure List and describe two advantages and two disadvantages of a divisional organizational structure 5 MarksOne mark for proper description of how divisional structu
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