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Test 3 Notes

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James Appleyard

MGM 101Human Resource Management Managing People II1 What is a social contract A social contract reflects upon the expectations in an employeeemployer relationship 2 What is human capital Human capital is defined as the economic value of people with jobrelevant abilities knowledge ideas energies and commitments3 What is human resource management HRM Human resource management is the process of attracting developing and maintaining a highquality workforce4 What are the threemajor responsibilities of HRM 1 Attracting a quality workforce human resource planning recruiting and selection 2 Developing a quality workforce employee training training and development and performance appraisal 3 Maintaining a quality workforce careerdevelopment worklife balance compensation and benefits retention and turnover and labourmanagement relations 5 What is strategic HRM Strategic HRM mobilizes human capital to fulfill organizational strategies 6 What is discrimination Discrimination is when someone is denied a job or job opportunity for reasons that are not job related 7 Define employment equity Employment equity is an effort to give preference in employment to Aboriginals women visible minorities and people with physicalmental disability 8 What are bona fide occupational requirements Bona fide occupational requirements are employment criteria that can be justified as being related to a persons capability of performing a job9 What is sexual harassment Sexual harassment is behaviour of a sexual nature that affects a persons employment situation 10 Define comparable worth Comparable worth holds that persons performing jobs of similar importance should be paid at comparable levels 11 What are independent contractors Independent contractors are hired on temporary contracts and are not part of an organizations permanent workforce They are not covered under basic employment standards legislation12 Define workplace privacy Workplace privacy is the right to privacy while at work13 What is human resource planning Human resource planning analyzes staffing needs and identifies actions to fill those needs14 Define job analysis Job analysis studies what is done in a job and why 15 What is a job description A job description details the duties and responsibilities of a job holderemployee 16 Define job specification A job specification lists the qualifications required of a job holder 17 Define recruitment Recruitment is a set of activities designed to attract a qualified pool of job applicants 18 What is the difference between external and internal recruitment External recruitment involves hiring job candidates from outside the organization and internal recruitment involves hiring candidates from within the organization19 What are realistic job previews Realistic job previews provide job candidates with all pertinent information about a job and organization without any distortion 20 What are the 6 steps in the selection process and reason for rejection 1 Formal application does not meet qualifications 2 Interview or site visit insufficient ability ambition or poor interpersonal skills 3 Testing poor test results 4 Reference checks poor references 5 Physical exam physically unfit6 Analysis and decision potential is low 21 What is reliability in regards to employment testing Reliability means the test constantly gives consistent results 22 What is validity in regards to employment testing Validity means the results of a test can determine job performance well 23 What is an assessment centre An assessment centre examines how job candidates handle simulated work situations
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